The forgotten

Few young people of our generation are interested in our elders and their stories. Yet, some life courses are truly extraordinary. Like Raymond’s: aged 80 , former french spy, or Richard, 77 years old, one of the main porn actors of the golden age of X, or Jacqueline, 85, one of the first French woman plane pilot.
The Forgotten is a series of portraits of 5 min telling the amazing stories of men and women over 75 years old and their exceptional past.
An original tribute to these unique personalities who have each participated in their own way to our modern history.
Each episode will be fresh and bright, with a modern look that fits perfectly with the narrative codes of today’s youth.
Especially dedicated to young people under 30, this program is easily adaptable to many countries, due to its format and the originality of its concept.

Surprising – Incredible elders – Generational – Life stories – Old & Young

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Documentary series
10 x 5 min
Vincent Rochette & Kevin Soirat
Prodigima Paris France | The forgotten - Prodigima Paris France
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