Science facing Near Death Experience

Even if searching an answer to the thorny question of « life after death » can upset both scientific knowledge and religious or spiritual precepts, near-death experiences, or NDEs, are for the first time in our history a plausible study phenomenon for scientists.

Unlike previous films on this theme, this documentary brings a new and rational vision of the subject and reports the recent various and legitimate scientific conclusions.

To do so, the viewer will embark on an incredible scientific adventure.
A journey in the human body and in the brain, but also meeting researchers in human science, neuroscience, biology, medicine, cognitive science and even quantum physics in Europe and in North America.

In Science VS NDEs, you will understand why even the most materialistic scientists do not necessarily exclude the possibility of an existence after death, and why pursuing research on this subject is more than ever becoming rational.

Investigation – Science – Discovery – Rationality – Research


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52 minutes
Galeane Leclerc et Jocelin Morisson
Prodigima Paris France | Science facing Near Death Experience - Prodigima Paris France
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