Ball Trip, a football journey

What would football be without its fans?

There are hundreds of soccer capitals, each of which has developed its own history, culture and generations of supporters.
In Europe for example, whether it’s Manchester vs Liverpool, Madrid vs Barcelona, Dortmund vs Gelsenkirchen (Schalke 04), or Paris vs Marseille, these long-awaited encounters always have a special flavor in the hearts of the fans.

Ball Trip, a football journey is a documentary series that brings a new look at the world of football.

Each episode immerses us alongside one of these fanatics. We share his habits and most extravagant rituals, during the few hours that precede a great meeting between his team and his historic rival…

We accompany him on the way from his home to the stadium, just minutes before the kick-off. An original and unprecedented way of discovering the famous «12th player’s» world, in his neighborhood, his city and with his circle.

Ball Trip, a football journey tends to document the incredible relationship that these atypical supporters maintain with football and the players of their team, but also the impact of this sport on many sides of their daily life. Beyond a cultural and social discovery, these are the stories of amazing lives and passions, a whole new vision of the football world.

Life stories – Football fans – New vision – Cultural Discovery – Football as the fans see it

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Documentary series
12 x 26 minutes
Prodigima Paris France | Ball Trip, a football journey - Prodigima Paris France
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